Suitable ISO Tank Leasing

MIMU is a family owned business concentrating its expertise in offering specialty tank containers for long term leases, short term leases as well as operational leases.

About MIMU Tank Leasing

We believe that by having the right people at the right spot, we can offer the best products and service to our customers. Today our business has expanded into providing specialized small ISO Tank Leasing containers from 15 000 L to 21 000 L.


ISO Tank Leasing

MIMU delivers the suitable ISO tank containers for your unique product. Our goal is to meet and fulfill your specific needs. We offer flexible lease terms for short or long periods as well as operational leases.

ISO Tank Logistics

MIMU offers a complete and cost efficient business solutions, to support all of your logistics requirements.


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Need a quotation, suggestion or something else about our service? We’re happy to hear you! You can contact us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Antwerp office

Michael Govers mede-eigenaar MIMU ISO TANK LEASING

Michael Govers

Tel: +32 468 34 30 43

Inge Karlberg mede-eigenaar MIMU ISO TANK LEASING

Inge Karlberg

Tel: +32 475 28 20 77

Stockholm office

Steve Govers mede-eigenaar MIMU ISO TANK LEASING

Steve Govers

Tel: +46 739 37 08 75

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