We are MIMU

MIMU ISO Tank Leasing is a family owned business concentrating it’s expertise in offering specialty tank containers for long term leases, short term leases as well as operational leases.

Antwerp office

Luithagen 18 2030 Antwerp, BELGIUM
+32 468 34 30 43

Stockholm office

Råsundavägen 100 16957 Solna, SWEDEN
+46 739 37 08 75

We provide small tank containers for heavy liquid chemicals as well as internally lined tanks for corrosive chemicals. MIMU ISO Tank Leasing is a strong brand that is determined to continue providing the best leasing service solutions and high-quality safe tank containers worldwide. A commitment to reliability, quality and innovation.

We believe that by having the right people at the right spot, we can offer the best products and service to our customers.

Today our business has expanded into developing more specialized small containers from 15 000 L to 21 000 L.

Our experts will work closely with you to define your technical, commercial and operational needs to ensure the equipment comply with all your requirements as well as all international and maritime regulations. We have strengthened MIMU ISO Tank Leasing by establishing a second office in Stockholm and partners in Houston, Mumbai and Mexico.