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MIMU ISO Tank Leasing is a strong brand that is determined to continue providing the best expertise in leasing service solutions. A commitment to reliability and innovation.

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MIMU ISO Tank Leasing delivers the suitable tank container for your unique product (ISO tanks for chemical liquids, reefer tanks for temperature controlled liquids and food grade tanks). Even your highly corrosive products are quality ensured in our dedicated lined tanks. Sakaphen lining, rubber lining, PVDF lining or glass lining, we will provide the right tank for your cargo. This way we establish safety and quality for our customers. Our goal is to meet and fulfil your specific needs, we are flexible with our terms and conditions.


MIMU ISO Tank Leasing offers the most efficient and sustainable logistics and transportation services for liquid chemicals, temperature controlled liquids and food grade products. We offer a complete and cost efficient business solution to support all of your logistics.